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5 Ways to Tell Your Hubby You Love Him without All the Words

5 Ways to Tell Your Hubby You Love Him without All the Words by Paula Tobey Have you ever been in a rut in your marriage where you find it tough to ‘talk’? Maybe you argue or you’re just not connecting as well as usual. Maybe you find yourself not in the same place of... read more

Podcast #137- Happy Habits for Every Couple

Is your marriage in need of some love therapy? Kathi’s husband Roger joins the podcast today to talk about Kathi and Roger’s new book, Happy Habits for Every Couple.  The book is full of fun, flirty ideas to intentionally connect with your husband in a... read more

Podcast #148-Tips and Tricks for a Clutter Free Closet

Can’t find your favorite pair of sandals? Where is that outfit you wanted to wear tonight? Which clothes still fit you and which do not? Going into our closet can be an overwhelming experience. Maybe you just shove things in there and say you’ll get to...

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