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Recipes to Crave: Asian Chicken Wrap Ups

(This recipe was first seen in The “What’s for Dinner?” Solution ~Kathi Lipp) Recipes to Crave It’s Spring and yummy, fresh recipes are an absolute necessity. Try these amazing Asian Chicken Wrap Ups. They are healthy and so tasty. While this may not be the... read more

Clutter Free

Removing the Clutter of Shame

by Sharon Jaynes Kathi Lipp is the queen of showing us how to de-clutter our lives. And if there was ever an area I needed to de-clutter in my heart, it was in the area of shame. I wonder if you can relate. One morning I sat on my back porch, wrapped in my fuzzy worn... read more

Friday Favorites

Fri Fav – 5 Essential Items for Your Office

As someone who is constantly working to keep on clutter, I have to say that office supplies and kitchen gadgets are my Clutter Free Kryptonite. So giving other decluttering warriors a list of office supplies to get is a bit like publishing the Girl Scout Cookie menu... read more

The Podcast

Episode #198-Breaking Busy with Alli Worthington

Do you feel crazy busy or busy and fulfilled? What’s the difference? Most of us say yes to way too many things and then we find ourselves burnt out and frazzled. There are many factors to take into consideration before saying yes to an opportunity. In this...

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