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Episode #246: Tips on Keeping Romance Alive

"If you don't invest in your marriage now, you will have to invest in the recovery of your marriage later." - Kathi Lipp Kathi and co-host, Erin MacPherson discuss a reader question about how to keep the romance alive in a marriage. This all too familiar struggle in a...

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Clutter Free

Let’s Get Rid of Some Stuff! Join the 2017 Spring Fling!

OK friends, it seems like we are all in need of a bit of help. Recently, on my Facebook page, I asked the simple question: “What is your biggest clutter challenge? Your bedroom, kitchen, office, garage?” The response, was a bit overwhelming to say the least. Here are...

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The Podcast

Episode #249: Summer Manifesto

In this episode, Kathi Lipp and co-host Erin MacPherson discuss their great ideas for creating summer memories, keeping the chaos at a minimum and planning ahead for a successful time for you and your kids. While we all look forward to the slow-down summer brings,...