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Welcome to So Here’s the Thing with Kathi Lipp

Join Kathi Lipp and her cohosts Mandy Arita and Liz Sagaser as they talk about all the things you are talking about: Marriage Parenting Sex Managing the Homefront Living the Life You Were Designed For With a whole lotta Hope, Humor and How-To’s Kathi Lipp and the crew...

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10 Costco Secrets (that Work in Baja, Too)

If you're a lover of the food court, impressed by ridiculously clean, smooth floors, and slightly addicted to samples… welcome to the Costco club. It’s pretty much the only place where your shopping cart can contain a $45,000 diamond ring resting on top of a...

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How to Get Profound Result from Simple Bible Study

Have you tried method after method for Bible study only to discard them or forget them? Or are you a Bible study newbie? Amy shares a simple method with profound results in this first post in her “Tools Not Rules” series for Bible study. Before you start watching,...

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