Marriage and the Four Personality Types

One of the biggest key for the peace that Roger and I experience in our relationship is the understanding of our personality types. We understood from an early point in our marriage that opposites do indeed attract – but they can also drive each other crazy. For the next several week on Wednesdays, Roger and I will be sharing about how to be married well to each of the personalities.

But first, most of us fit into one personality more than they others. I am firmly in the Expressive camp, while Roger is Analytic. Knowing what camp you fall in (generally) and where your husband falls (generally) will help you understand how you feel loved and respected – and the same for your man.

So here are some general ways to determine what your personalities are. Once you have an idea of where you both land, tell me in the comments (ie, I’m a Driver and my husband is a Amiable…)  I think that not only will this be informational, but also a whole lot of fun.


  • Natural salesmen or story-tellers
  • Warm and enthusiastic
  • Good motivators, communicators
  • Can be competitive
  • Can tend to exaggerate, leave out facts and details
  • Sometimes would rather talk about things than do them


  • Objective-focused
  • Know what they want and how to get there
  • Communicates quickly, gets to the point
  • Sometimes tactless and brusque
  • Can be an “ends justify the means” type of person
  • Hardworking, high energy Does not shy away from conflict


  • Kind-hearted people who avoid conflict
  • Can blend into any situation well
  • Can appear wishy-washy
  • Has difficulty with firm decisions
  • Often loves art, music and poetry Highly sensitive
  • Can be quiet and soft-spoken


  • Highly detail oriented people
  • Can have a difficult time making decisions without ALL the facts
  • Make great accountants and engineers
  • Tend to be highly critical people
  • Can tend to be pessimistic in nature

 Go ahead- tell me where you both land!

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  1. Okay…I am expressive and Olav the Virgo, physicist,German is analytical.

  2. Amy Hellewell says:

    I’m amiable and hubby is analytic.

  3. I am amiable and my husband is analytic

  4. I am “Driver” and he is “Amicable” — reading the bullets was like drawing a picture of us both.

  5. I’m amiable and he’s a driver!

    • Amy B. in VA says:


      My husband and I are the same. I’m amiable and he’s a driver. I found it funny that both of us are Amy’s. Wonder what that says about the name. LOL

      • I think it must be the name :-) I am definitely an amiable. My husband, however, doesn’t really fit firmly in any category. He’s a little bit driver and a little bit expressive.

  6. Laurel Warren says:

    I am amiable and hubby is a driver.

  7. I am a driver and hubby is amiable.

  8. I’m an expressive driver (sorry, just couldn’t choose between those two) and my husband is an amiable.

  9. He’s a Driver and I’m more amiable, but we can both be very expressive, especially when it comes to being warm and enthusiastic.

  10. I’m a driver and he’s expressive.

  11. I am expressive and amiable whereas my husband is the driver and analytical.

  12. He’s a driver. I’m pretty expressive and we are both analytical.

  13. I’m amiable, he’s expressive :)

  14. I am amiable and he is a driver.

  15. I’m VERY expressive, he’s VERY much the analytic. Sometimes we drive each other crazy, but we make a point to laugh about our differences and it works out great!!!

  16. I’m amiable and he’s analytical.

  17. I think I’m expressive and dh is amiable

  18. I am amiable and he is a driver.

  19. I am not married, but I am amiable and would like my future husband to be expressive.

  20. I’m a driver and my husband is amiable

  21. Okay, I think I would consider myself the amiable type and my husband the driver

  22. I’m amiable- hubby is driver:-)

  23. I’m amiable, and my husband is an expressive driver.

  24. I am an Expressive Driver and Russ is the other two. Bwahahahahahahaha. Or he is amiable about being analytical.

  25. Hubby is amiable and I am a driver.

  26. My hubby is a driven man who is very expressive! He is a salesman by trade and very competitive, and he is a Driver. Within the family he communicates quickly and to the point, and within the walls of the home can seem tactless and brusque. I am the Amiable who avoids conflict….remember, my hubby wants to take care of things head on, and I appear wishy-washy to him. Especially in areas that concern our children. I also have a hard time making a decision without all the facts. I like to think it over, reason it out, actually, talk myself into it. My hub will just say, “No!” or “Yep!” We have four teens in our home and they are spinning circles around us. My problem is I like to make everyone happy. There’s no way I can, and My hubby would say focus on him and make him happy! Aargh!
    Married 34 years and have 8 children…this is my 27th year of homeschooling!

  27. I am analytic and my husband is probably expressive.

  28. i’m laughing so hard! my husband is definitely expressive and i can’t figure out which one i am. i’m a couple of each but not strongly any of them. so i asked my husband what he thought and he said, “you’re the complete package!” ha ha good answer! :)

  29. I am expressive and he is analytic.

  30. Amy B. in VA says:

    I’m amiable and my hubby is a driver. I had us both pegged, but I asked my husband what he thought and he agreed with me.

  31. I am a mix of amiable and analytic and my husband is a driver.

  32. Heather Ratliff says:

    I’m a mix of driver and analytic and my husband is an expressive

  33. My husband is an analytical driver and I am amiable…. :0)

  34. Corinne Paul says:

    My man is analytical and I am expressive. No surprises there!

  35. We’re both amiable

  36. Proverbs31girl says:

    I am amiable and my husband is analytic

  37. I am an expressive driver and the hubs is an analytical driver.
    At least we both drive. lol

  38. I would say I am a mix of amiable and analytical and my husband is a mix of expressive and driver. I love this project you are doing and loved today’s email about being married to an analytical! So true its funny. :)

  39. Bridget Harrison says:

    I’m Expressive and Amiable..My husband will be looking this over once he gets home from school. I can’t wait to learn more!

  40. I’m expressive and he’s analytic. My Dad is also analytic. The longer I’m married to Aaron, the more analytic I’m becoming but I don’t see him becoming more expressive. Hmmm.


  42. Saif Ullah says:

    nice article. very informative indeed. It is notable and interesting to know that there comes some changes in one’s personality after marriage. And these changes depend upon the status of married spouses like whether they married happily or unhappily, as i wrote at

  43. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! He’s a Driver…it all makes sense now. Lol, it’s funny how knowing these kinds of things can prevent unnecessary conflict.

    It’s my first time on your blog:) Thanks for the Wedded Info!

  44. I am amiable. My husband is an analytic but also a little bit of expressive.

  45. I am amiable he is analytic. He is very difficult to handle

  46. Anthony says:

    Ok, I am an amiable and my wife is a driver/analytical mix….wow what a mix!! Very hard to communicate with her..!

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  48. I am amiable and my wife is a mix analytical and driver. We never agree on anything. She is so focused on certain issues in our life right now thay she neglects other things in our life..


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