Clutter Free began with a long road of conquering clutter and all the baggage it carried for Kathi Lipp. As the author of Clutter Free, Quick and Easy Steps to Simplfying your Space, Kathi found her passion- helping others become the world changers they are meant to be by conquering the clutter that stands in their way. And Clutter Free Academy was born.

Clutter Free Academy exists to teach people why they have the clutter, how to get rid of it, and how to never let it take over their emotional, physical and spiritual life again. It encompasses everything under the Clutter Free umbrella including books, events, webinars, and eCourses, and provides hope and healing with real life tools that can be implemented in every area of your life.


“Helping world-changers get
free from clutter
so they are
free to change their world.


Kickstart to Clutter Free

If you need a jump start on getting control of your clutter, Kickstart to Clutter Free is the perfect ecourse for you. In just 14 days, you’ll get rid of at least 500 items in just 15 mins of decluttering per day.


To really get a hold of the issues surrounding clutter, Kathi wrote Clutter Free in 2015. Since then, thousands of people have used the knowledge and tools from the book to completely transform their lives.

Blog & Podcast

The name of the podcast is Clutter Free Academy! So you know we talk often about different ways to declutter every area of your life. From your kitchen to your relationships, there are several episodes and blog posts that cover the topic of clutter. Read on for encouragement and sensible (read doable) ways to take back control!

The Clutter Free
Bible Study

Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp has changed thousands of lives and now we are going even deeper when it comes to the reasons – the emotional and spiritual reasons – that lie beneath your clutter. In this six-week Bible Study you will, possibly for the first time, truly understand how God wants you to be free. Free from clutter so you can be free to change your world.