Connecting With Your Kid Personality Assessment

In photos, my child

When on the playground during recess, my child

When it’s time to clean up or do chores, my child

When there’s a sudden change of plans, my child

Given a choice, my child would prefer to

When relating to authority figures for the first time, my child

When it comes to clothing choices, my child prefers

I would describe my child’s walk as

Of the following, the one that I’ve observed is most important to my child is

My child seems to learn best by

My child enters a competition and does poorly. To him/her, the worst part of the entire experience is

When learning a new skill, the thing that will upset my child the most is

The worst part about being sick for my child is

I’m often told that my child is too

My child’s response to a group assignment at school is

Of the following, the one that I’ve observed is most distressing to my child is

My child is likely to dislike a teacher/authority figure who is

My child’s biggest time management issue is

An important contribution my child makes to his/her friendships and to our family is demonstrating how to

If we were to plan a family trip together, we’d count on my child for _____ (but then...)