Episode #235 – Overwhelmed with Feedback

Episode #235 – Overwhelmed with Feedback


“Not everyone’s feedback is equal.”

We all need feedback to progress in many areas of our lives. But some types of feedback are better than others. Knowing what feedback to use and which to let go will save you from being overwhelmed by feedback.

You may have desired reassurance about something and ended up with a complete critique of your work.

The truth is, many people have no business speaking into our lives.   They haven’t earned the right to give feedback.

Kathi and Overwhelmed co-author, Cheri Gregory discuss the various types of feedback and how to deal with each. They also provide a graphic feedback filter to help you determine what kind of feedback you desire and/or receive.

Episode #234 – Overwhelmed with Too Much Stuff

Episode #234 – Overwhelmed with Too Much Stuff


Clutter’s #1 priority is to keep us feeling overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed comes in many forms.  Kathi and Overwhelmed co-author, Cheri Gregory, discuss how easy it is to be overwhelmed with clutter.  They go through three of the top things clutter tells you!

  1. Clutter Keeps You In The Past – You hang on to things the crowd out the present.
  2. Clutter Keeps You Stuck in the Future – You buy things to be something.  Because someday you might need it you hang on to all the clutter. You can’t live in the present when you have so much stuff and you are stuck in the future.
  3. Clutter Decides You Have Not Earned A Future – Because you have failed with various endeavors in the past, you won’t be good at something in the future. So yu are stuck in your current situation.  Clutter says you don’t deserve to move forward.

Listen in and learn how decluttering will free you from the overwhelm.

Want more tips on being Clutter Free?

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Episode #222-How to Overcome Possession Obsession

Episode #222-How to Overcome Possession Obsession



Do you have Possession Obsession? Do you collect things? Do you get it into your head you absolutely have to HAVE something?

Kathi and Erin get behind our need to buy things or collect items. Sometimes we are prone to feel like our life is lacking. This lacking may lead us to shop, whether it be walking around our favorite store or shopping online. Erin and Kathi wrestle with the reasons behind their impulse to buy and the rules you can put into place to understand and count the cost of your possession obsession.

Kathi talks with Erin MacPherson about what is behind the “need” to buy or keep possessions. Listen in as they share their strategies for reserving time, money and space for what really matters and ultimately placing value in relationships over stuff.

Episode #196-How to Cozy Up Your Home

Episode #196-How to Cozy Up Your Home


ListenNowWant to Cozy Up Your Home to make it more inviting?

Erin and I discuss and share easy and non-fussy ways to make your home a place where people will be comfortable and want to gather together.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or perfect. In fact, people are more comfortable with the opposite!

Listen and get ideas about topics from furniture to food choices and how you can do it all without breaking the bank! Plus, we want to hear from you! What’s your favorite way to make your home cozy and inviting?

Mentioned in the podcast

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Rachel Ashwell: The World of Shabby Chic

Kathi’s Favorite Yummy Roll Recipe 


Episode #195-Dealing with Cluttered Emotions with Michele Cushatt

Episode #195-Dealing with Cluttered Emotions with Michele Cushatt


ListenNowDo you experience insecurity, fear, worry, anxiety, shame, regret? These are just a few examples of cluttered emotions.

You might not know they are at the root of keeping you from living out exactly what you were called to do.

So how do we overcome cluttered emotions? Listen as I talk with speaker and author of Undone: A Story of Making Peace With an Unexpected Life, Michele Cushatt, as she shares wisdom and simple ways to reframe what we think in order to deal with cluttered emotions.

Podcast #135 – Clutter Free Dinner

Podcast #135 – Clutter Free Dinner



Dinner hour. 

Two tiny words that can make your heart start to pound, your stomach clench and your hand reach for the phone to order pizza.  Again.

Nothing (okay, almost nothing) is more stressful than planning, cooking and executing dinner.  Kathi and Erin share their best “been there, done that” tips for making dinnertime quick, fast and healthy.  Listen in and hear how you can:

–          Declutter your pantry and kitchen so cooking gets less stressful

–          Declutter the chaos of dinner time to make it peaceful and fun.

–          Declutter your meal planning to make grocery shopping and cooking simple.

–          Declutter your leftovers so you can use them to make two or even three dinners.

–          Declutter your dinner time so you can eat joyfully instead of stressfully.

Kathi and Erin mention some of their favorite recipes. You can download them here. Declutter Meal Time Recipes
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