Episode #253: Keeping Your Kid’s Extracurricular Stuff Clutter Free

Episode #253: Keeping Your Kid’s Extracurricular Stuff Clutter Free

Sports. School. Clubs. Dance. And IT GOES ON! Our kids have a lot of activities and a lot of stuff comes with each of those activities.  Times that by two, three, four or seven kids and it can become an overwhelming juggling act of “where’s my red soccer sock?!” every single day.

Kathi and co-host, Erin MacPherson to the rescue! Erin has three kids and shares her children’s hectic schedule in multiple sports and how stressful it is trying to keep everything together when running from one child’s event to another.

Listen in as Kathi shares tested ideas that help keep kid’s uniforms and equipment organized and clutter free so they are ready when your kids have an event and you don’t waste time hunting for that sock for the tenth time this month!

Erin recommends:

Side opening shoe boxes for storage. They are much easier for children to open and use.

Interbusiness Clear PC Smart Storage Foldable Shoe Box, Office Storage Box (Purple)

A different colored water bottle for each child.

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Standard Mouth w/Loop Cap

Episode #252: Way to Be Clutter Free – Clean Out Your Bag

Episode #252: Way to Be Clutter Free – Clean Out Your Bag


“The more you clean out your bag, the more organized you will feel each and every time.” ~Kathi Lipp

Is your bag a mess?  Do you have a lot of nonsense in your bag?

Join Kathi and co-host, Erin MacPherson as they “celebrate” our self-made National Clean Out Your Handbag Day”! These women make cleaning out your bag super fun! They discuss how to clean out your bag and, just as importantly, keep it organized. Grab your handbag plus 2 grocery bags or garbage bags and clean it out while you listen.

Kathi loves using these bags to keep her bag organized. Click on the images below to purchase yours from Amazon (these are affiliate links).

Bags discussed during the podcast:

4 ZipClikGo Attachable Mesh Organizer Bags, No Fumbling, Guessing What’s Where!

Another Option

Organizer Storage Packing Bags by GoToBag – Water Resistant Solid Reinforced PVC Mesh Plastic with Zipper Closure and Carabiner – Clear 3 Pack Pouch – for Travel, Work, School, Crafts, Purse, Cables


Kathi recommends doing the purse clean out once a week so let’s kick it off today, National Clean Out Your Handbag Day.


We will be giving away a set of bags to one listener.

Leave a comment within 7 days telling us you have dumped your bag and cleaned it out.  If you take a picture and share it you get a bonus entry. One winner will be selected randomly.

Giveaway open to USA listeners only.


Episode #251: How to Be Generous (without needing extra Money)

Episode #251: How to Be Generous (without needing extra Money)


No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.”   Aesop 

Many of us are looking for ways to be generous. In fact, it’s one of the most asked questions we get: “How can I be generous when I don’t have extra income it takes ?” The good news is, generosity doesn’t require money.  Many time the most meaningful acts come in giving of your time, space, or energy.

Kathi and co-host, Erin MacPherson, talk about how you can be generous when you don’t have a lot of extra money. They encourage us to look at what you can give and the various ways you can be show you care for others without reaching into your purse. Both Kathi and Erin share things that have been done for them that meant the most and the different ways in which they give of what they have. Listen in for an uplifting episode that encourages you to use your gifts to be generous in our own unique way.

Episode #250: How to Prepare a Talk When You’re Asked to Speak

Episode #250: How to Prepare a Talk When You’re Asked to Speak


Are you a reluctant speaker like our co-host Erin MacPherson? Public speaking is the number #1 fear of the majority of people in the world. But we find more and more that God asks us to share our story or expertise with small and large groups even when we don’t consider ourselves a speaker. Kathi is here to give you the same pep talk she gives to Erin every time she is asked to speak and majorly helpful tips that will get you past the scared and help you focus on what you are supposed to share. You never know when you’ll be asked to speak. Listen in and be prepared! Plus this episode is super fun.

Kathi and Erin mention Kathi’s podcast for speakers and writers. The Communicator Academy Podcast can be found here.

Learn to Speak Events

Other events to improve your speaking:
Scorre Conference
Leverage Speaker’s Conference



Episode #249: Summer Manifesto

Episode #249: Summer Manifesto


In this episode, Kathi Lipp and co-host Erin MacPherson discuss their great ideas for creating summer memories, keeping the chaos at a minimum and planning ahead for a successful time for you and your kids. While we all look forward to the slow-down summer brings, many of us also dread ALL THE HOURS of keeping everyone entertained, educated and active. Kathi walks us through her summer manifesto she used when her kids were still at home and Erin shares her strategies to keeping the kids off the iPad and keeping her sanity as a working mom.

Erin has shared her summer checklist for each of her three kids with us as well. Click here to download.
Kathi ‘s Summer Manifesto provides a great starting point for focusing your summer.  The manifesto can be found below in the downloads section.

Kathy and Erin also discuss some great audio books to listen to over the summer.

Erin’s Audio Book Favorites:

Roald Dahl Audio Collection

Every Soul a Star

Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Kathi’s Audio Book Favorites:

Prize Winner of Defiance OhioHow My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less

Cheaper By the Dozen

Chronicles of Narnia

Adventures in Odyssey

Kathi and Erin want you to have a great summer – get some stuff off your checklist, have some fun with your kids, and enjoy the (sometimes) slower pace of summer.

Book Giveaway

Clutter Free Academy is giving away a free copy of the Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio.   Tell us what you do or plan to do over the summer in the comments below in the next seven days.  One person will be randomly selected to receive the book.

The book giveaway is only available to US residents.

Episode #248: Clutter Free Travel

Episode #248: Clutter Free Travel

Clutter Free TravelListenNow

Kathi and Co-host Erin MacPherson discuss their summer travel plans and how to travel clutter free.  Both are taking big trips and need to pack lightly.

Kathi is taking a month sabbatical in celebration of her 50th birthday.  She plans to spend 10 days at home and 20 days traveling with lots of R & R (Rest and Roger).

Erin is heading on a road trip with her husband, children, and parents in one SUV.  They will be traveling to Florida and then up the eastern coast through Georgia, South Carolina, then across to the Great Smokey Mountains and then to Nashville and back home.

Clutter Free Tips

ebags - Clutter Free Travel

Kathi’s Suitcase!

They discuss packing tips, using ebags (packing cubes), and how to find great places to stay that feel like home.

If just one or two people are traveling, Kathi recommends AirBnB.

If you have a family and need more room, Erin recommends VRBO.   Both places give you the comforts of home (kitchen, laundry, mores space, etc.).

Listen in to learn how to plan your own clutter free travel.