Episode #237 – Discovering Your Identity

Episode #237 – Discovering Your Identity

Discovering Your Identity

Who are you? Do you know what makes up your identity?

Kathi is joined by her friend, author and speaker Michele Cushatt, author of the new book I Am: A 60-Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is to discuss the idea of identity.

How do we decide who we are? What is at the core of who we are? Why is having a secure identity so difficult? Michele and Kathi discuss ways to build our self value based on truths rather than the constant assaults on our identity through media, marketing, advertising and comparison to others.

It’s a big topic and it can change the way we live our daily life, our relationships, and our world view.


What is the hardest part of accepting your identity in Christ and living your life grounded in that identity on a day to day basis? Comment below for your chance to win a copy of I Am from Michele!


Episode #217-5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit

Episode #217-5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit

Do you find yourself starting things, but not finishing them?
Would you like to learn from someone who broke that habit and replaced it with other habits that help her finish strong?

Today I talk with author Nicki Koziarz about her book 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit about not quitting including the five questions to ask yourself before quitting.

Does Nicki’s name sound familiar? That’s because I did an awesome interview with her for the Husband Project. Be sure to listen to it here: 

Episode #206-Nicki Koziarz and The Ultimate Resource Guide for (trying to be) Awesome Wives


Episode #214-Take Hold of the Faith You Long For with Sharon Jaynes

Episode #214-Take Hold of the Faith You Long For with Sharon Jaynes


ListenNowDo you ever feel “not good enough”? 

Even as a Christian, you can know that all of your sins are forgiven, but still struggle with past mistakes or carry over feelings of inadequacy from life before becoming a Christian.

How do we break the cycle of bad thoughts? In this episode, I talk with Sharon Jaynes, author of Take Hold of the Faith You Long For: Let Go, Move Forward, Live Bold who experienced these very same feelings.

Listen and find practical tips and encouragement for your faith.

Episode #213-Come with Me by Suzanne Eller

Episode #213-Come with Me by Suzanne Eller



ListenNowWhat would it be like to be one of the original disciples? To walk with Jesus daily?

If Jesus came to you and said, “Come with me?” what would your answer be? Our view of success would definitely be altered. But how?

Well, Jesus does ask you to come with him daily. Author Suzanne Eller decided to do a Bible study where she went deep into the walks of the disciples and wrote her book Come with Me: Discovering the Beauty of Following Where He Leads to share with us what she learned.

Download 13 Prayer for Come with Me HERE

Episode #212-Loving My Actual Life with Alexandra Kuykendall

Episode #212-Loving My Actual Life with Alexandra Kuykendall

ListenNowIs your calendar too full? Do you get stressed about meal planning? Does social media become a time suck?

 Living Clutter Free does not mean just dealing with the physical clutter, but also the emotional and spiritual. 

Author Alex Kuykendall embarked on a nine month experiment to see how she could better her home life.

Listen as she tells us about the little changes she made, because small changes are more likely to get done and more likely to be sustainable,yet they created a BIG impact on her life. 


Episode #210-Breaking Up with Perfect with Amy Carroll

Episode #210-Breaking Up with Perfect with Amy Carroll


ListenNowAre you striving and trying hard to do everything right? Is this beginning to hurt your relationships with friends, spouses, even God?

Breaking up with perfect is about grace. Grace for myself and grace for others.

Join me as I talk with Amy Carroll, author of Breaking Up with Perfect as we get real about how are different personality styles affect our ability to walk beside our friends during the ups and downs of life.

**Win a copy of the book Breaking Up with Perfect by Amy Carroll by leaving a comment below


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