Episode #279 – Creating a Clutter Free Christmas- Part 1

Episode #279 – Creating a Clutter Free Christmas- Part 1

Don’t let the expectation of having a perfect Christmas steal your joy at Christmas. A budget and a plan does not have to kill Christmas – it mightly actually save it and make it the most special one yet. Listen in as Kathi Lipp and Tanya Kubo discuss 7 tips from the book, “A Clutter-Free Christmas”. Chock full of ideas to help you navigate and plan for Christmas, get “Clutter-Free Christmas” for $5 and pave the way for best Christmas ever.


Clean Out Your Car (and a Clutter Free MOPS Meeting)

Clean Out Your Car (and a Clutter Free MOPS Meeting)

Clean out your car.

As always, I had an amazing time at MOMCON (MOPS International’s Convention). We had a booth this year, so I got to meet a lot of moms we may have missed in the past. My favorite part? Hearing their stories from Overwhelmed (I can’t believe how many of you are doing book studies on it!) and Clutter Free.

Clutter Free Kit

And with Clutter Free being part of the MOPS curriculum this year (HUZZAH), I wanted to share with you an amazing idea one group had for a Clutter Free meeting. After showing the Clutter Free video, the leaders gave each mom a kit:

  • 3 bags:
    – Bag 1 for garbage
    – Bag 2 for recycling
    – Bag 3 for things to bring into the house
  • A package of Clorox wipes (These could easily be broken down into Ziploc sandwich bags to give each mom just a few wipes.)
  • A package of Windex wipes (See above.)
  • A lint roller
  • A Glade Car freshener

Along with the kits, they also provided vacuums and Handi-vacs for the moms to use. Then each mom went to her car or minivan and spent twenty minutes cleaning it out. Awesome, right? The MOPS leaders who tried this idea told me all the moms said it was their favorite activity ever. (Because once you watch a video about decluttering, you want to go and do it NOW.) And the best part? Everyone went home with a sense of accomplishment and fewer French fries in their back seat. Win-win!

Want to clean out your car and get a mini-craft in at the same time?

Make your own car freshener!

All you need is:

  • 1 Clothespin
  • Essential Oils (Lemon or Peppermint are some great, fresh flavors depending on the time of year.)


1. Dab five drops of essential oil on each side of the clothespin (ten drops total).
2. Clip the clothespin onto the vent.  It makes your car smell yummy and fresh without overpowering. I love it.

Clutter Free Events are Being Booked for 2018!

Friends, what sounds better than a girl’s night out? You and me and a few dozen, or hundreds, of your friends!? I would love to come and share the Clutter Free life with you. This is a great reach-out opportunity. To learn more and get your date on the calendar, shoot me an email at bookings@kathilipp.com.

Episode #270 – Clutter Free Costco Shopping

Episode #270 – Clutter Free Costco Shopping

Ah, Costco. Gloriously large and yet frighteningly large all at the same time. Do you ever feel lost when you enter a Costco? You are not alone. Listen in as Kathi offers tips to help guide you through Costco as a savvy shopper. Equipping us with strategies and surefire tips for preparedness that will remove the stress out of shopping (and maybe even make it fun!) your trip to Costco will never be the same.

Go and put your Costco shopping ideas/comments and we will pick one person to receive a copy of the Clutter-free book.

Eps #263: Have Clutter Free Mornings by Prepping the Night Before

Eps #263: Have Clutter Free Mornings by Prepping the Night Before


Do you have a morning routine that works for you? Kathi and Erin discuss how to have a clutter free morning and give you three strategies to make mornings much easier.

Implement these tips now to start the new school year stress-free.

As promised, a pick of Erin’s wall charger:

Book Giveaway

We will be giving away 2 books to one lucky winner. Leave a comment below within the next 7 days. Start your comment with…..”Hey, this is my best ‘Night Before’ Ideas.” and give us your best tips.  We will be using some of them in future blog posts.

One person who leaves a comment with tips will be randomly selected to receive both, The Get Yourself Organized Project and Put the Disciple into Discipline.


*US residents only


Clutter Free: Seven Steps for Just Getting Started

Clutter Free: Seven Steps for Just Getting Started

Since starting Clutter Free Academy, we’ve had many people ask, “Where do I start?”

If you’re part of our Clutter Free Academy group or on your own, here is a beginners’ guide for those looking to jump in and get results quickly:

(This system is based on my book Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps for Simplifying Your Space. The entire program is in there, but this will get you started while you order the book on Amazon or wait for it at the library!)

1. Pick a major source of pain. Get mad every time you go into the garage? See red when you try to relax in the living room? Is your office where papers go to die? Whatever area of your home is causing you the most pain, that’s what needs to be addressed first.

2. Start with surfaces. Some people want to dive into grandma’s photo albums that have been sitting in the attic for decades. But I would encourage you to give yourself a goal (Twenty items a day? Thirty?) and deal with the layers. Start with surfaces that are confronting you every day: Your nightstand, kitchen counters, kitchen table, desk. As you get practice with the day to day clutter, you can start to deal with the deeper clutter. You are building your “flinging” muscles!Oh – and when you start – only pick a small area. One counter, one shelf, one drawer. (I know that’s not a surface, but if it’s a drawer you use all the time and it’s so stuffed you can’t open it, and bad words come to mind every time you try, feel free to tackle that drawer.) To stay focused, you can even use blue painter’s tape to put physical boundaries on the area you are working on. This is great for young kids or easily distracted adults.

3. Set up a donation space. I have a bin in my garage where all my donations go. When it’s filled up, I take it to the car and stop at the “donation station” on the way to church on Tuesdays for a meeting. For the first few weeks of flinging, you may have more garbage and recycling than normal. That’s OK! Understand that you may have to pay for past clutter indiscretions, but going forward, you will remember the cost of bringing clutter across the threshold and will resist the urge.

4. Get your tools together. You will need three bags or boxes to sort out your stuff. Label the containers: Other Rooms, Put Away (anything that belongs in that room, but is out of place), and Give Away. We have nifty color-coded bags with handles that are easy to use. You will also need a recycling bag and a garbage bag.

5. Declutter. Get all your containers and bags around you so it’s easy to sort out your area. Set a timer for 15 minutes and start sorting.

6. Deal with the fallout. At the end of the 15 minutes, it’s time to start dealing with the stuff you are not putting back onto/into that same space. Set your timer for 5 minutes and take care of any container or bag that is full (or close to full). If that is all the decluttering you are doing for now, deal with all the containers/bags. Don’t leave a bigger mess than when you started!

7. Stay encouraged with other flingers. You’ll need a cheering section, especially when you’re getting started or “leveling up” (dealing with harder clutter: sentimental things, family items, expensive clothes, etc.). Connect with people who have made the same hard decisions and know your pain. We have a whole Facebook group dedicated to learning the Clutter Free way.

Join us over there for encouragement and motivation. Miracles are happening in that group. Go be a part of it!