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Simplifying with Seasonal Planning

Planning out goals for the New Year can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are SO many opportunities, the world is our oyster. So we often start strong, ambitious; thinking this is the year we’re going to do all of the things. But then reality sets in and we...

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8 Simple Steps to Clutter Free Kitchen Cabinets

by Amberly of Kathi's Clutter Free Academy Team If you are wasting “thyme” because your kitchen cabinets are “peppered” with too many spices, it is time to declutter. Spices are expensive, and having too many or not having an organized system can be costly. (I've been...

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How to Kick Perfectionism Out of the Kitchen

by Bethany of Kathi’s Clutter Free Academy Team Although my kitchen is now clutter free, I can still find plenty to feel insecure about. After sixteen years of marriage, my dishes are showing some wear, and our silverware has morphed into a hodgepodge of unrelated...

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Removing the Clutter of Shame

by Sharon Jaynes Kathi Lipp is the queen of showing us how to de-clutter our lives. And if there was ever an area I needed to de-clutter in my heart, it was in the area of shame. I wonder if you can relate. One morning I sat on my back porch, wrapped in my fuzzy worn...

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7 Vital Signs of a Healthy Home-Based Business

According to US Small Business Association, over half of all businesses are based out of the owner's home. However, not all of those businesses are healthy, life-giving enterprises. What does it take to build a healthy home-based business? Give yourself a check-up...

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How to Create More Storage in Your Bedroom

WE are a nation obsessed with storage. We love to have systems, solutions, tricks and tips on how to keep ALL. THE. THINGS. So before you do any of the suggestions below, my first reminder is that you can’t organize clutter. Yes, you can go to the Container Store and...

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