How to Make God-time Fun and Easy for your Kids

Sometimes it can be hard to spend intentional time with our kids each day. Okay, make that all the time. And when you do sit down for official family + God-time together, perhaps you get disheartened by the grunts and groans from your older kids? *Sigh* Welcome to the...

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How to Get Profound Result from Simple Bible Study

Have you tried method after method for Bible study only to discard them or forget them? Or are you a Bible study newbie? Amy shares a simple method with profound results in this first post in her “Tools Not Rules” series for Bible study. Before you start watching,...

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Book Review: A Street Cat Named Bob

A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My LifePaperback, by James Bowen– October 7, 2014 Roger likes to tell people that my favorite genre of books is “Chicken Lit.” If the storyline includes an animal, I’m sold! Just shut up, take my money and let me read! Because...

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Book Review: The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

I’m not a big fiction reader, but I love reading books about books. Most of us have dreamt of moving to a small quaint town and devouring books all day long while lounging on our wrap around porch. This is exactly what Sara from Sweden plans to do when she loses her...

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God Speaks When We’re Listening

Prayer can be a challenging practice, but Amy shares a simple but profound method she was taught that has reminded her to listen. God speaks when we're listening! Want to try something new to reinvigorate your prayer life? Watch Amy's short vlog, print the...

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