Episode #241: Join Us For Lent and Clutter Free:  The Bible Study

Episode #241: Join Us For Lent and Clutter Free: The Bible Study


Kathi and co-host Erin MacPherson discuss how they are planning on observing Lent this year. Kathi has been observing Lent for a few years and has some super creative ideas for challenging ourselves this year. They also discuss The Clutter Free Bible Study Lenten Challenge Kathi is hosting on Facebook and how you can be a part of it.

Listen in as they talk about these questions:

  • What is lent?
  • How does it apply to us?
  • Why do we have the clutter we do?
  • What causes us to collect instead of giving to others?
  • How to have a new level of freedom as we go deeper.

Check out the episode and even if you don’t start on March 1, join us for the Bible Study. Our first live Facebook meeting is March 6! Learn more below.

How Clutter Free: The Bible Study Works

Clutter Free: The Bible Study and Challenge will help you “Give Up, Get Rid, and Go Deep.”  The challenge is to give up buying of unnecessary items, get rid of 10 things a day or 400 things total, and go deep by participating in the Clutter Free Bible Study.

More details are available at Clutter Free: The Bible Study

Episode #240 – Zip It! We Don’t have to Say Everything We Think!

Episode #240 – Zip It! We Don’t have to Say Everything We Think!


We don’t need to say everything we think!  Oh but it’s so hard not to sometimes!

Kathi talks with NY Times bestselling author, Karen Ehman, about her latest book, Zip It. They discuss why it is important to use less words and yet still be able to tell the truth. Karen discusses her struggles to “Zip It” and how she has learned to replace words that are negative and tear down with fruitful words to build, bless and encourage others.

You Are Invited

She also invites the audience to her Zip It: 40 Day Challenge starting on March 1 throughout Lent. Kathi will be participating in #doinglenttogether and will be sharing several great ideas on the blog in the coming days so be on the lookout for that or subscribe to the blog.

Win A Book

Two Zip It books will be given away.  To win, share your biggest tongue challenge in the comments below.  Two winners will be selected from the comments.

Episode #239 – Live Full, Walk Free

Episode #239 – Live Full, Walk Free


Kathi and Guest, Cindy Bultema discuss Cindy’s book, Live Full, Walk Free: Set Apart in a Sin-Soaked World.

Cindy discusses how she hit rock bottom and almost lost her life. All her life she just wanted to fit in and be special to someone. She just wanted someone to “pick me!” She was told by friends that a snort of cocaine would help her drop the pregnancy weight and she ended up almost dying.

Listen in as Cindy talks about living happily and successfully in a world that screams “You are not enough.”

Cindy has provided 3 copies of her book, Live Full, Walk Free: Set Apart in a Sin-Soaked World for our listeners. In the comments below please share a lie you believed and a scripture that tells you the truth about the lie. Three winners will be selected.

Episode #238 – Restoration, Simplicity and Joy

Episode #238 – Restoration, Simplicity and Joy


Kathi is joined by friend of the program, Erin MacPherson. They discuss their plans for 2017 and how they are focused on the ideas of restoration, simplicity, and joy. Kathi is on a journey of restoration this year and part of that is focusing on a different spiritual discipline each month. She discusses her decision for the year and explains how she is hoping these changes add more joy to her life and restoration to her home and soul.

Erin’s pups!

Join the conversation!

Kathi is currently focusing on is “simplicity.” She would love you to share your ideas of how to create more simplicity in your life. Please go to the show notes and share your thoughts and ideas. Random winners will be selected from the comments for a copy of Clutter Free!

Episode #237 – Discovering Your Identity

Episode #237 – Discovering Your Identity

Discovering Your Identity

Who are you? Do you know what makes up your identity?

Kathi is joined by her friend, author and speaker Michele Cushatt, author of the new book I Am: A 60-Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is to discuss the idea of identity.

How do we decide who we are? What is at the core of who we are? Why is having a secure identity so difficult? Michele and Kathi discuss ways to build our self value based on truths rather than the constant assaults on our identity through media, marketing, advertising and comparison to others.

It’s a big topic and it can change the way we live our daily life, our relationships, and our world view.


What is the hardest part of accepting your identity in Christ and living your life grounded in that identity on a day to day basis? Comment below for your chance to win a copy of I Am from Michele!


Episode #236 – Overwhelmed by Relationships

Episode #236 – Overwhelmed by Relationships


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by relationships?  We have lots of friends and acquaintances and all require some of our time.  Some feel they should get a bigger chunk of time than you have to give. Those friendships can become overwhelming. There are safe and unsafe relationships and we can’t have everyone as our close friend,  We can’t manage all those relationships.

How do we manage our expectations in relationships in a healthy way?

Kathi and Overwhelmed co-author, Cheri Gregory discuss times in their lives when they had to set boundaries or when they had unrealistic expectations of relationships. Kathi talks about a time when  “I couldn’t be a good friend, but I needed a good friend.”

Listen in as they discuss how decluttering relationships is hard but it’s necessary to make room for the ones God has called you to.

Episode #235 – Overwhelmed with Feedback

Episode #235 – Overwhelmed with Feedback


“Not everyone’s feedback is equal.”

We all need feedback to progress in many areas of our lives. But some types of feedback are better than others. Knowing what feedback to use and which to let go will save you from being overwhelmed by feedback.

You may have desired reassurance about something and ended up with a complete critique of your work.

The truth is, many people have no business speaking into our lives.   They haven’t earned the right to give feedback.

Kathi and Overwhelmed co-author, Cheri Gregory discuss the various types of feedback and how to deal with each. They also provide a graphic feedback filter to help you determine what kind of feedback you desire and/or receive.

Episode #234 – Overwhelmed with Too Much Stuff

Episode #234 – Overwhelmed with Too Much Stuff


Clutter’s #1 priority is to keep us feeling overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed comes in many forms.  Kathi and Overwhelmed co-author, Cheri Gregory, discuss how easy it is to be overwhelmed with clutter.  They go through three of the top things clutter tells you!

  1. Clutter Keeps You In The Past – You hang on to things the crowd out the present.
  2. Clutter Keeps You Stuck in the Future – You buy things to be something.  Because someday you might need it you hang on to all the clutter. You can’t live in the present when you have so much stuff and you are stuck in the future.
  3. Clutter Decides You Have Not Earned A Future – Because you have failed with various endeavors in the past, you won’t be good at something in the future. So yu are stuck in your current situation.  Clutter says you don’t deserve to move forward.

Listen in and learn how decluttering will free you from the overwhelm.

Want more tips on being Clutter Free?

Check out Kathi’s blog posts and episodes of the Clutter Free Podcast by clicking here.


Episode #233 – Living Out Your Personal Manifesto

Episode #233 – Living Out Your Personal Manifesto


Hopefully, you didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution this year and instead created a Personal Manifesto.

What is a personal manifesto?  A personal manifesto is a series of present tense statements that embodies your values in reference to who you are and who you aspire to be through God’s grace and power.

While resolutions are pass/fail and sometimes tear you down, manifestos build you up and help you to make positive changes in your life.

Tips for Living Your Priorities

Kathi and Overwhelmed co-author, Cheri Gregory provide three tips for living out your manifesto.

  1. Microsteps – Small steps when baby steps are too big.  Microsteps are useful when each step requires different parts of your brain and totally different functions.   Many of us are used to all or nothing thinking and this creates overwhelm.  Microsteps breaks the bonds of procrastination and perfectionism.
  2. Prep and Plan Day – Once a week you reserve time to take care of the business of life.  Prep is for the short term – the coming week.  Planning is long-term.
  3. Morning and Evening Routines – Having routines limits the decisions you have to make and helps with overwhelm.

Listen in and learn how you can live your priorities and implement the above steps.

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Episode #232 – Fresh Start for You

Episode #232 – Fresh Start for You


Time for a Fresh Start

Overwhelmed co-author, Cheri Gregory joins Kathi to discuss creating a “Fresh Start.”

Kathi loves the idea of a “Fresh Start.”  As a self-described New Year’s resolution nerd, she has made dozens of resolutions and kept none of them. Kathi and Cheri talk about how resolutions can sometimes set you up for failure.

Perhaps a  “Fresh Start” might be a better option. You can start it anytime and you can start over whenever needed.

Personal Manifesto

A “Fresh Start” includes a personal manifesto that helps you live out your values. When you know what your values are you can make decisions based on values and not the emotion of the moment or the whims of others.

Your personal manifesto is based on who you are and who you aspire to be. It acts as a guide to determine actions and decisions.

A manifesto is NOT a resolution. It is who you are and who you are going to become. It is an integrity builder.

Kathi and Cheri invite you create your own manifesto. There are tools to help you and you can review their manifestos and many others, check out the download links below.

Some Things to Remember About Creating a Manifesto

  1. Should be written in the present but is who you aspire to be. Include some of your current positive attributes.
  2. It is allowed to be changed. It is not forever, it can be updated as you change and grow.
  3. A manifesto can be as short or long as you need it to be. If you can only think of three things, start there.

Join us again next week as we talk about how to start living out your own personal manifesto.

Remember every day is a new opportunity to have a “Fresh Start” and discover who you are and who you want to become.