Building a team can be a game changer.  Whether it is a family team, a volunteer team, a job team or your own business, learning how to lead and manage a team makes a huge difference.  Building a team sets you free to work on the things that only YOU can do.  We all need help and building a team provides the help you need in an organized fashion that builds up everyone involved in the team.

Kathi and Overwhelm co-author, Cheri Gregory discuss 4 way to build your team.

  1. Reciprocal Help – What is overwhelming to you is not overwhelm for someone else. When you trade your talents, everyone uses their talents.
  2. Interns – Offering training and other perks in return for work is a win/win for all involved if you have the right person in the position. Your kids can be considered interns.  You are training them to not need you!  You want them to be able to take care of themselves.
  3. Paid Help – Everyone says they can’t afford paid help but it can actually save you money. It frees you up to work on the most important things.  Paid help can be a babysitter, housecleaner, virtual assistant or groundskeeper, etc.
  4. Cooperative Help – Divide the work. It can be divided between family members, partners, etc.

Listen in and learn how building a team has helped Kathi and Cheri overcome the overwhelm of running a business.