Finally Clutter Free Event

Finally Clutter Free! is an all-in-one event designed to bring the women in your community freedom from Clutter and all that comes with it: financial stress, relationship issues, guilt, depression, and loss. In a world of more, clutter has become a way of life but to our detriment. I believe we can be truly free when we get to the root cause of our clutter and I’m setting out to help anyone that will listen! Let’s break free, find peace, and be finally Clutter Free!

Bring Finally Clutter Free! to Your Area

If you want to bring Finally Clutter Free! to your area, Kathi would love to talk to you! Fill out the form, and we’ll email you the info packet. Take that packet to your event planner, women’s ministry leader or get a group of friends together and plan your own event!

We are currently booking into 2018. 

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Event Specifics

 2 1/2 hour workshop (Either Friday night from 6:30-9pm or Saturday morning/afternoon)

  • 3 Sessions that are 45 minutes in length
    ~ Session 1: Clutter Free
    ~ Session 2: Minimize
    ~ Session 3: Now Organize

 Ticket sales web page setup for your event

Tons of giveaways



Making Things Easy-Peasy

We want to make this event as easy as possible for you! With all of the moving parts it takes to put an event together we decided to give you everything you need including:

  • customizable flyers, posters, & web banners
  • printable tickets
  •  programs (you do the printing) Program includes:
    ~ Room for advertising (to help underwrite the cost of the event)
    ~ Room to advertise Clutter Free groups (to keep the community going in your community)
  • ticket sales web page (if needed)

…all provided way in advance so you can promote the event with ease.

Compassion International Sponsorship

POC-300x250If you’ve heard me speak, you know how much I love what the people at Compassion International are doing every single day. As a sponsor of two Compassion kids, Roger and I have simply fallen in love with the mission of Compassion and in turn want you to fall in love as well. It has blessed us immeasurably and we know our small part in these kids lives is making a difference.

At every Finally Clutter Free event, not only will I be sharing about our experience with Compassion, but we will also be setting up a Compassion International table where your attendees can learn more about how they can sponsor a child and what that sponsorship actually means. To find out more please visit my Compassion International Sponsor page.

If you’ve booked an event or would like to and need more information regarding the Compassion sponsorship, please reach out to Kathi at

We met last week at the TLC conference in Santa Cruz, I told you then that you were going to change my life (the gal that said that her hubby said yes when he found out there was a workshop on clutter!) well I just wanted to thank you again. Over 5 days I read your entire book and worked around the house and garage de-cluttering, I sent 17 boxes and bags to church for a garage sale for our missionaries, plus there was a recycle and trash bin full. I’m not done but this is the first time in my life that I’ve had permission to get rid of those nagging guilt ridden objects I thought I had to keep forever. I don’t want my kiddos learning my past habits and I want to enjoy my space and family! Thank you, your talk and book was so perfect, easy to read with SO many ah ha moments. I can breathe!


Event Attendee