Podcast #148-Tips and Tricks for a Clutter Free Closet

Podcast #148-Tips and Tricks for a Clutter Free Closet


Can’t find your favorite pair of sandals?

Where is that outfit you wanted to wear tonight?

Which clothes still fit you and which do not?

Going into our closet can be an overwhelming experience. Maybe you just shove things in there and say you’ll get to organizing it “later.”

Today Kathi and Erin discuss how to thin out the items that aren’t needed today in order to be able to easily find the wardrobe you enjoy and will be wearing this week. ¬†Listen and learn easy tips and tricks to have a clutter free closet.

Resources talked about in this episode:

Soma’s Vanishing Underwear with stickies¬†Click Here

Stitch Fix Click Here

Kathi's Stich Fix Wardrobe

Kathi’s Stich Fix Wardrobe