Spring Fling Day #5: Organize the Office Area (Or Craft Room)

Spring Fling Day #5: Organize the Office Area (Or Craft Room)

organize the office

Day five of the Spring Fling and it’s time to get crafty … and organize the office area (or your craft room).

Oh, you crafters. I appreciate your talents and gifts deeply. But your natural desire to stash and hoard has made it so you can barely pull out a project and enjoy your creativity.

And those of us with offices. How is it that we can crush the business world by day, but fear a giant pile of papers crashing down on us at night?

It’s time for both groups to reclaim our creative space!

It Gets Better: Organize the Office or Craft Area

While my office is not what I want it to be, I can function in there (and that’s a lot more than I could say ten years ago).

organize the office

My mom, who is an amazing quilter, has taken her decluttering to a new level. She refuses to start a new project until she has completed five she already has. I’m so proud of her and the steps she’s taking to become Clutter Free.


  • Set up your three boxes/totes and two bags.
  • Start with one area at a time.

For offices and craft rooms, the questions are: “Will I use this?” and “If I want this, where would I look for it?”


Want to stay Clutter Free when it comes to projects? Commit to finishing five current projects before starting anything new.

organize the office

Share Your Fling

After you fling, either tell us about it or share a picture in the comments. Remember, each day (at the end of the Fling) there will be one winner, randomly drawn from the comments, who will receive a copy of The Cure for the Perfect Life from Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory. So share below and tell us about your fling.

Episode #194-Creating a Quiet Time Space

Episode #194-Creating a Quiet Time Space


ListenNowWe all face challenges to get our Quiet Time in each day and we feel un-Christian that we struggle in this area, but what if we could set ourselves up for success ahead of time? What if the key was to declutter a quiet time space so it was an inviting place to go to each day already prepared with the tools we need?

Creating a routine is so important because when you do that you are telling your brain, your heart, your mind, your body it’s time to settle and focus on my quiet time. It’s time to focus on the Bible, scripture, and prayer time.

In this episode, I talk with Erin about the essentials I need to make Quiet Time a daily habit. You can download the Essential Quiet Time Checklist for Success below and be on your way as well!

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