Spring Fling Day #5: Organize the Office Area (Or Craft Room)

Spring Fling Day #5: Organize the Office Area (Or Craft Room)

organize the office

Day five of the Spring Fling and it’s time to get crafty … and organize the office area (or your craft room).

Oh, you crafters. I appreciate your talents and gifts deeply. But your natural desire to stash and hoard has made it so you can barely pull out a project and enjoy your creativity.

And those of us with offices. How is it that we can crush the business world by day, but fear a giant pile of papers crashing down on us at night?

It’s time for both groups to reclaim our creative space!

It Gets Better: Organize the Office or Craft Area

While my office is not what I want it to be, I can function in there (and that’s a lot more than I could say ten years ago).

organize the office

My mom, who is an amazing quilter, has taken her decluttering to a new level. She refuses to start a new project until she has completed five she already has. I’m so proud of her and the steps she’s taking to become Clutter Free.


  • Set up your three boxes/totes and two bags.
  • Start with one area at a time.

For offices and craft rooms, the questions are: “Will I use this?” and “If I want this, where would I look for it?”


Want to stay Clutter Free when it comes to projects? Commit to finishing five current projects before starting anything new.

organize the office

Share Your Fling

After you fling, either tell us about it or share a picture in the comments. Remember, each day (at the end of the Fling) there will be one winner, randomly drawn from the comments, who will receive a copy of The Cure for the Perfect Life from Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory. So share below and tell us about your fling.

The Organizing STEM that Helps you Stay Strong

The Organizing STEM that Helps you Stay Strong

Stay StrongWhy do you want to be organized?

As we embark on this quest for simplicity and the purging for The 2014 Things Challenge, it helps to remind ourselves of what our purpose is in each act of organization we have.

The true gift of organization is getting to live the life that you are designed to live. My favorite flower is the orange gerbera daisy. On the gerbera daisy, all the good stuff is at the top—that ridiculously not-of-this-world orange color and the intricate layering of petals that you don’t notice until you get right up close.  In order for that daisy to bloom and bring me all that joy, it has to have a strong stem.

It’s the same with my life. I am created to do a lot of beautiful things—worship my God, love my husband, raise my kids, create a home, work at my job, love on friends, etc. But in order to do beautiful things, I have to have a strong base to support everything I want to do. {click to Tweet}

Each of us has a limited amount of Space, Time, Energy, and Money (STEM) that we need to balance in our life. So for this 2014 Challenge, as well as other areas of our lives, we’re going to make sure that our STEM is strong so that we can stay strong.

Space. Have you created space in your life that allows you to do all that you are supposed to be doing?

Time. Are you wasting time every day in a million little ways? Do you have buffer in your schedule or are you constantly having to compromise because of your lack of time?

Energy. Do you often repeat steps because you aren’t organized?

Money. How much money have you wasted because you’ve bought duplicates of something you can’t find?

By answering these vital questions, we can be on our way to creating a strong stem that will support the challenges and changes for this new year!

We are in this together and it is a struggle for me in different areas at different times. Which area do you feel you struggle with the most, in space, time, energy or money? Also this is your space as well, so tell me what you would like to see in future blog posts about these areas – Saving Money by Organizing? Reclaiming Space in your House. How to Organize when You Have No Energy? I would love to hear!

What’s for Dinner? Planning for the Next 3 Weeks! Organizing and finding out what you have.

What’s for Dinner? Planning for the Next 3 Weeks! Organizing and finding out what you have.

This week I am going to help you make dinner, save time, save money, get organized and make dinner time meaningful and full of purpose once again. We are going to focus on how all of us, regardless of how busy you are can make great tasting, healthy meals for your family. Like all projects we start at the beginning. For the What’s For Dinner Solution we start by finding out what you have to work with and getting it all organized.

See what you have

Do you know what is in your pantry? Have you checked the back of the freezer lately? And what about that one drawer in the fridge you never open? Do you even know what spices wait for you in the cabinet?

Not all of us are culinary experts who easily plan menus. Make appropriate shopping lists and can whip up a gourmet meal for our family every night. Life is busy and hectic. We juggle managing a house, a career, husband’s career kids, games, play dates, doctor appointments, baseball practice and the list goes on and on. Not to mention we are not programmed to wake up and decide what we are going to prepare for dinner. If we do the thought is fleeting and before we know it 5 pm has arrived, the natives are restless and there is no plan.

So what do you do know?

First off you need to know what you have on hand.

Take the time to clean out and organize your recipes, pantry, cabinets, fridge and freezer.

Let’s start with the recipes.

Get them organized. If you have recipes cards or a folder with papers shoved inside buy some notebook dividers. Label them appropriately: Appetizers, salad, side dishes, main course: meats, pasta, desserts, breads, breakfast etc…

As you are organizing your recipes sort through them; will you make that again? Did the family like that dish? Does it fit within my diet plan (diabetes, allergy, healthy, no sugar etc.) There is no sense in keeping recipes that will not be used. It is just more clutter.

Now for the Pantry

Clean out expired products.

Sort by food likeness: baking products, canned goods, cereal, crackers and so on.

The fridge

Same steps from the pantry apply, like foods together. Condiments on one shelf, milk, creamers and juice on another. Use the produce drawers for the produce and deli drawer for your meats and cheeses.


If you do not already start today and write the date on all foods you place in your freezer.

Make a list of what you have on your freezer so you can plan your meals accordingly. Stop buying food you already have.

All of the above will help you see what you have, how much you have and make your menu & list making easier. Not to mention you and the family will be able to quickly grab a great snack when needed.

Now it is your turn. Tell me in the comments below what you do to stay organized so you know what is on hand to eat. Any organizing tip you want tos hare with the other readers are great too.