The Christmas Project #18: Get your online shopping done!

The Christmas Project #18: Get your online shopping done!

Yesterday, we talked about getting all of your packages shipped out. If you are feeling behind, you may want to consider having everything shipped directly to your home or those out of town people that you need to get gifts to.

And here is where I want your participation. Tell me your favorite places to shop online (and why) or one of your favorite online shopping stratagies, and one of you will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card. A winner will be drawn December 20th.

I want your best, tips, ideas, your favorite “fishing holes” (the places you would normally never share,) so we can all be faster, cheaper, better this year.

Here’s mine (and no, I don’t expect everyone to go along a spiritual line…) Last year my kids went in together and bought me a goat from World Vision last year. They bought the gift online, then to represent the goat under our Christmas tree, my clever girls, Amanda and Kimberly, folded a towel into a goat by getting the instructions online (in fact, here’s a video on how to fold towels into a goat… Who knew.) What a GREAT last minute gift – helping someone in a developing country by providing a goat.

I of course also love Amazon and how, in case you forgot to get your father-in-law a gift, (who me? Never…) you can pop on there and send him a gift card that will arrive in his inbox on Christmas morning (as if you’d planned it that way all along…)

OK – your turn.



The Christmas Project # 17: Shipping

The Christmas Project # 17: Shipping

Shipping out boxes is a ton easier than it used to be if you do a couple of things:

  1. Learn how to ship using (they have a whole shipping guide if you’ve never done it before
  2. Use Priority Mail boxes

Why do I love those Priority Mail boxes so?

  • You can schedule Priority Mail to be picked up at your house for the next day
  • Boxes with pre-printed, pre-paid labels from can just be dropped off at the Post Office – you don’t need to wait in line

I like using the Priority boxes that you don’t have to weigh – those Prepaid boxes you can just keep stuffing until you can’t close them – and the rate stays the same.

Get all of your packages shipped out, or, if you you are still needing to get a few gifts, why not buy them online and have them shipped directly, so you know that they’ll get there in time.


The Christmas Project #15: Get your Stockings Ready

The Christmas Project #15: Get your Stockings Ready

Stockings or no stockings? That’s the question.

People are deeply rooted in traditon – do they have stockings, what do you put in them, and when do you open them.

We usually have a few standard goodies in each stocking:

  • Chocolate Gold Coins
  • Gummy Bears
  • Tooth Brushes
  • Playing Cards
  • Thank-you Notes

Yes. Thank you notes. These are suppose to inspire the kids to actually write the notes (it happens about 50% of the time…)

Here is how I get ready for the stockings:

I have a Ziploc bag with each person’s name on it. As I gather up little treats for them, I wrap them and keep them in their own Ziploc. When it comes time to fill the individual stockings, all I do is dump the content of each bag into the appropriate stocking.

You’re Own Stocking

After the first couple of years of marriage Roger noticed that I didn’t have anything in my stocking (it really didn’t bother me, promise…)  So our third Christmas he went to Bath and Body and loaded up (I got a dozen hand sanitizers. No, I wasn’t offended…) But I still buy myself a little treat to put in my own stocking. Nothing extravagant, but just a little something I wouldn’t normally buy for myself.

At the last event I spoke at, I had a rush of women come up to my booktable and get the My Husband is a Hottie ShirtI normally sell quite a few of the shirts, but this was unusual…. I finally asked one of the ladies what was up and she explained that her whole table decided to purchase the shirts to put in their own stockings – a gift for her, a gift for him. Genius.

If you tell me in the comments what the best part of the Christmas Project has been for you, I will put you in a drawing for your own T-shirt to stuff your stocking with.

The winner will be randomly chosen.

The Christmas Project #14: Prep your Kitchen

The Christmas Project #14: Prep your Kitchen

Today’s Project is to spend a little more time in the kitchen. Here are some things that you might want to get ahead on:

  • Creating your meal plan for the rest of the month
  • Planning out your Christmas Dinner and your shopping list
  • Shopping for your non-perishables
  • Making the list of what you need to buy at the last minute so it’s fresh
  • Pulling out your serving platters, roasting pans, cake stands, etc. or anything else that you need
  • Pulling together your baking list

Let me know in the comments what you are doing for this Project and I’ll be giving away another copy of THE WHAT’S FOR DINNER SOLUTION. Tell me by Friday what you did to get ahead kitchen-wise, and you could be a winner!