proj 7 imageMost husbands are pretty visual creatures. They love to be proud of the way you look.

Is it possible (just maybe…please don’t take offense here) that you might not be putting forth the effort that you once did, when it comes to looking your best? Do you get dressed to the nines to go out for dinner with your girlfriends, but put on the same old sweatshirt to grab dinner with your man? I know, I know. Life is busy, you have a million things to do everyday, and not one of them is looking like a Barbie Doll every time you two run out to the grocery store.

The problem is our men want to be proud of us. Doing our hair, putting on the cute jeans instead of the super-comfy (read: butt-ugly) sweats, or even just putting on lip gloss shows that you care and are thinking about his needs as well. The next time the two of you leave the house together, put some extra effort in an area that you know is important to your guy.

Prayer for Today
Dear God, help me to see myself through my husband’s eyes. Help me to be creative and have fun so we can both find enjoyment in my appearance.

Getting Creative
Take ten minutes and pull three outfits together; ones you know you look hot in. (If you don’t own anything like that, then it may be time to take two hours and go shopping with a trusted friend, and find some clothes that make you feel smokin’.) Hang the pants, shirts and accessories all together on the same hanger so you have three cute at your fingertips the next time you’re heading out for dinner.

Every girl needs a pair of “go-to” jeans – those great ones that fit just right and look amazing with a pair of high-heels or boots. Make sure your “go-to” jeans are clean and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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