I love it when a plan comes together.

Even if your marriage has stayed rockin’ from the beginning, it’s a great idea to keep ourselves in check as far as our attitudes and actions. I love this testimony below because it reminds us that this is not so much about our guys and how they behave as it is about us. This is from a new friend in Texas…

“I wanted to personally give you feedback on the project. I received my friend’s call to participate in your project at a perfect time. I was becoming a bit resentful and bitter over my husband’s schedule. As I told you, he has been very busy with his work and ministry. Well of course, I have been praying that he would “hear from God” and be willing to change jobs and even change churches, but this project is changing my attitude towards him and his work. I realize that I had become caught up in my daily responsibilities and have failed to be “purposeful in loving and supporting him”. I can say that I am enjoying the work in progress and Hubby has been responsive. He’s been more positive, open, and has even made it home a couple of times in between work and rehearsals. Thanks again.”

Encouraging words for all of us, don’t you think?

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