The Husband Project

The Purpose of The Husband Project is to spend 21 Days loving and supporting our husbands, on purpose.


1. Download the First Week’s Projects


2. Find two other friends to hold you accountable on The Husband Project. It doesn’t matter if they’re phone friends, internet buddies, or if you all decide to meet at the Starbucks down the street. Location is not important. Consistency is.


3. Have your two friends send an e-mail at and sign up here on the blog. We will get the introductory e-mails out to them.


4. Decide on a Start Date. It can be tomorrow, or two weeks from now. I would really suggest starting within the next week so we can all go along as a group, but do what works best for you.


5. Look over the first week’s “Projects” and come up with a plan. (By the way, this is a secret from your husband, so don’t tell him what you are up to.) YOU decide how you are going to bless your husband each day. I have offered ideas, but it’s up to you to decide how that day’s project will be carried out. Plus, I need you to share your ideas (either by e-mailing us at, or by going to the blog and posting at


Write down in advance what you’re going to do for each day. (There is a space provided on each day’s form.) I have recently lost a bunch of weight. One of the key elements in doing this (besides putting down the chocolate) has been to write down what plan to eat, not keeping a log of what I ate. Put purpose and a plan into work – that is how you will see results.


You will also need to make some other plans along the way. Is there a night when you’ll need babysitting? Is there a special candy that you can only get online and need to order now for next Saturday‘s project? Order it in advance so you will be ready.


6. Share your Project Plan with your accountability partners and with the rest of the 21 Day community. Who knows, they may have some great, creative ideas to share.


7. Be Flexible. If one of the projects doesn’t line up with your husband’s schedule, swap it for another day. If food does nothing for him, find another way to treat your hubby – this is all about you connecting with him. The intention of the Husband Project is not to make you crazy, but to find new ways to bless and support your husband. Just do something, everyday.


8. Send me your feedback.

Let me know what is working, and what isn’t.

Let me know if something is not clear.

Let me know if your heart attitude changes in any way during the 21 Days.

Let me know if your husband is blessed at any point during the process.

If your comments can be posted for the world to see, go to: and list your ideas under the appropriate day – hopefully you will inspire some other wife.


Otherwise, e-mail us at for any other comments that may be too personal for a website.

Can’t wait –


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