One of the tenants of The Husband Project is that every job is more fun when your friends are involved. One of our wives, Sugga-Lamb, (love the nickname, teehee) gave me a sample of the letter she sent to get her friends on board.

“Hello ladies, I’m participating in a secret experiment called the 21 Day Project. It is actually a ‘husband’ project and it is to be kept secret from our husbands. I’m going to give extra love and support to my husband for the next 21 days, unconditionally. Sounds easy enough, right? Well with the busyness of our everyday lives it will be easy to put the project to the side…something I don’t want to do. To keep me on track I’m required to have 2 accountability partners. I’ve emailed 4 people that I feel will be the best supporters of this project for me. That’s where you come in. Please check out the website at & let me know if this is something you’d like to do with me. If you’d like to participate as well, great! The more the merrier! Thanks, ladies!”Feel free to copy this letter and pass it along to the women you want to do The Project with. have fun!

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