Diane had a great question:

“I have a question already. Both my husband and I travel. He is in Houston today. Should I skip the day or just wait until he comes back and do the day I missed?”

Thanks for asking, Diane. Things can, and often do, come up within a three-week time frame. (I travel so much that if I had to wait to do the project until my husband and I were together for 21 Days, this book/blog would never have been written.) So, we must be a little flexible.

Go ahead and still do a “project” that doesn’t involve him physically being there. Some ideas:

  • Write him a note that he’ll find when he gets back from the trip.
  • Plan a dinner out for when he’s home and pull together your outfit ahead of time.
  • Eflirt with him (an e-mail or text message) while he’s away.
  • Buy his favorite snack (you can actually give it to him on another day).
  • Try and get to one of his “honey do list” items so he doesn’t have to.

So keep going, full steam ahead. This will keep you focused on him while he’s away, and hopefully will make you miss him as you do these little things for him.

Kathi – Your Project Coordinator

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