Hi project managers –

I know life is crazy and paying attention to your guy can go by the wayside. If you have fallen off the project wagon and cannot get back up, it is time to get back in the saddle. Missed a day (or a week)? No prob. Just start where you are and do what you can. This is not about perfection, it is about progress.

Are you running out of ideas? Here is a plan for week 2 from a brand new mom. She has done a great job in planning because she KEPT IT SIMPLE. Do what you can, when you can.

MM – thanks for the great ideas – we will be hearing from more guest bloggers in the coming days.

Bonus day: since I’m up in our cold house nursing at night, I’ve been sleeping in yoga pants and a t-shirt for really practical purposes. So, I vamped it up by trading the t-shirt for a tank top. And you know what? He noticed! I think it’s the big nursing cha-chas!

Day 8: I did day 8 on day 10, but I made a batch of caramel corn for a women’s event at church and we doubled the caramel and made extra for him. He got a bunch of it, and was happy. Location didn’t matter. ūüôā

Day 9: I HATE leftovers and trash. So, I emptied the mystery Tupperwares of old food and dumped the trash too. J noticed.

Day 10: J got me a maple leaf necklace when my son was born, so I wore it. It poked the baby in the head, but that’s all right!

Day 11: to remove stress, I scheduled and facilitated getting J’s car serviced. Worked out getting the car dropped off, picked up and dealt with. He HATES car repair people, so he thanked me and mentioned how much easier it was for me to do it. Hahaha.

Day 12: noticed his great stuff…..I do this anyway. I think my husband is fantastic.

Day 13: I called and told him I loved him and sent a naughty text.

Day 14: tonight I will rub his shoulders as he has had the baby in a front pack most of the evening and I’ll bet they hurt.

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