After doing my own (highly unscientific) research study, here’s a list of things that many guys don’t like in the clothing department, but are too smart to mention:

  1. Scrunchies – Come on girls. Unless you’re using them to hold your hair back in the shower, throw them out.
  2. Old college sweatshirts – Unless it’s his alma mater, it just looks sloppy. (The exception for this rule is if you’re going to a game with that team playing. If that’s the case, most colleges make CUTE, girl-figure-flattering zip ups.)
  3. Pajamas at 5:30 in the afternoon. ‘Nuff said.
  4. Mom jeans. (OK, so most guys don’t know what a mom jean is: Super high waist, narrow legs at the bottom. They don’t know what to call it, but the general consensus is that they’re not flattering on any woman.)
  5. Baggy sweats. There are way too many cute “lounge” outfits to be running around in something dumpy. If you’re fashion-challenged, ask a friend to come along shopping and check out your butt before heading home.

I want you to feel pretty and confident; and even, maybe, perhaps, a little sexy. Kick it up a notch and everyone will feel better about your appearance.

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