Bonus Project Week 2

Just a reminder, ladies…each week there’s a Bonus Project, to be completed at the time of your choice within the next seven days.

How’s your lingerie wardrobe? Was the last teddy you bought a week before your wedding?

One night this week: Wear something sexy to sleep in. It doesn’t need to be one of Victoria’s sweet nothings. Perhaps just a silky nightshirt or a lacy camisole; the goal is to dump the Nike t-shirt you normally sport.

It’s your job to make sure that sleep is not all that happens in your pretty new nighty.

Make the extra effort to feel great about yourself – you know that some of that mood will rub off on your husband.

Prayer for Today
Dear God, sometimes I see sex as a burden instead of the gift it is for our marriage. Please help me feel confident in the area of our sex life.




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