Hi ladies –

 We have a Winner!!! Our first prize-winner for the Husband Project Kick-Off has been notified – as soon as she gives me the OK to publish her name, I will tell the world. She has won “The Man You Always Wanted is the One You Already Have” by our own Paula Friedrichsen. (You can check out the book here at Amazon!)

So – gearing up for the 10th – it is time to get two other ladies on board to plan and scheme and bless the socks off your men. SO – go ask a couple of friends to do the Project with you. Have them sign-up for the daily e-mails (that way they can be eligible for the drawings over the next week!)

Here is a recent posting I did that has a great letter to ask your friends to do the project with you.

 Secret Contest

Only for the wives who are signed up on the daily e-mails. I want this blog to be a fun exchange of idea between all of you. SO , in that spirit…

Everyone who comments on a blog each week will be entered into a drawing for a $10 Starbucks Card. (Have you gotten the idea that I am a Starbucks fan?!?) The more times you comment, the more times you are entered. Ask a questions, offer an idea – whatever. Our first drawing will be next Wednesday, so get those fingers typing!

Now for the post:

One of the tenants of The Husband Project is that every job is more fun when your friends are involved. One of our wives, Sugga-Lamb, (love the nickname, teehee) gave me a sample of the letter she sent to get her friends on board.

“Hello ladies, I’m participating in a secret experiment called the 21 Day Project. It is actually a ‘husband’ project and it is to be kept secret from our husbands. I’m going to give extra love and support to my husband for the next 21 days, unconditionally. Sounds easy enough, right? Well with the busyness of our everyday lives it will be easy to put the project to the side…something I don’t want to do. To keep me on track I’m required to have 2 accountability partners. I’ve emailed 4 people that I feel will be the best supporters of this project for me. That’s where you come in. Please check out the website at http://www.thehusbandproject.org & let me know if this is something you’d like to do with me. If you’d like to participate as well, great! The more the merrier! Thanks, ladies!”

Feel free to copy this letter and pass it along to the women you want to do The Project with. Have fun!


Kathi Lipp is the author of 17 books including Overwhelmed, Clutter Free, The Get Yourself Organized Project, The Husband Project, Happy Habits for Every Couple, and I Need Some Help Here – Hope for When Your Kids Don’t Go According to Plan. She is the host of Clutter Free Academy the Podcast! with Kathi Lipp and speaks at conferences across the US. Kathi is published with Revell Publishers and Harvest House Publishers.

She and her husband Roger are the parents of four young adults in San Jose, CA. When she’s not dating her husband or hanging out with her puggle Jake, Kathi is speaking at retreats, conferences and women’s events across the US.

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