girl in tshirtHe probably won’t even notice. That’s OK – you’ll know that you wore something just for him.

Maybe it’s a shirt he’s given you a compliment on, or the necklace he got for your birthday.

What’s his favorite color? If you have a shirt in that color, that could be your project for the day. Revel in the fact that you’re the only one who knows you’re doing this just for him.

Prayer for Today
Dear God, I pray my husband knows he’s special to me in every way – that he is worth the extra effort.

Getting Creative
Is your husband a sports fan? Maybe the sexiest thing you could wear is a t-shirt with his team’s logo on it.

Your Project:

Wear something just for him. You can go buy something, or pick an item you already own. He doesn’t need to know what you’re doing – you know and that’ll change a little something inside of you.

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