Proj 21 imageWhat does your husband consider relaxing?

One of the most marriage-testing conversations a couple can have takes place in the aisles of your local video store. You want romance and subtitles – he wants guns and grunts.

Let him win the media wars as you suggest an action-packed, car-chasing-things-exploding thriller.

Prayer for Today
Dear God, help me enjoy the things my husband enjoys. Let him see that I try to connect with him in ways that are big and small.

Getting Creative

  • It doesn’t matter if this happens at home or the local Cineplex. Just find the movie and go.
  • Don’t want your husband’s suspicions aroused? If you’re renting, perhaps get two movies – one you both agree on and one just for him.

Your Project:
Find a movie that he will love and watch it together – without whining.

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