Proj 9 ImageToday, you’ll be coming along side your husband to get the job done.

It could be as simple as taking out the garbage, cooking dinner, or washing his car. Offering to do a job with your man is a great way to get the job done, and have some fun along the way.

Prayer for Today
Dear God, let my husband feel he has a partner in me. May he be blessed and supported by me everyday.

Getting Creative
Make it fun and get “his” work done so you can both play.

  • Does he enjoy cooking? Maybe he’d appreciate a prep cook for the day. Let him perform his sauté magic while you chop, clean and do whatever it is that will let him release the Rocco within.
  • If he’s one of those clean car freaks (we don’t have any at our house, but I‘ve heard they do exist) use your Handyvac skills to clean the inside while he works on the outside.
  • Would he rather work alone? Get him a cold drink or a hot chocolate to let him know you’re grateful for the things he does.

Your Project:

Help him with one of his regular jobs or thank him for what he already does.

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