New Year’s resolutions…it’s amazing how three simple words can cause us to shrug and roll our eyes; maybe even cringe a little at something so seemingly futile and yet so powerfully guilt-producing.

calendar pageWe’ve all been there, resolving to lose weight, cook more, eat less, save money, start exercising; volunteer, etc. There’s not a goal we haven’t claimed as our own.

Even though we’re obsessive multi-taskers, hectic schedules still leave us little time to waste. Women must select their commitments wisely. You’ve already signed on to purposely pamper your husband for 21 days – why not take it up a notch?

I challenge you to pray for your husband every day. I mean, pray specifically; about the issues he’s facing, decisions he’s weighing, his friendships, his faith, his job, for favor, for joy, for peace, for confidence, for renewed purpose (in all kinds of areas). The list is truly endless. The opportunity is there for you, everyday, to bless him just that much more.

Guest blogger Teresa Drake is editor of The Husband Project. She and her husband of 14 years live in northern California with their three children.

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