Congratulations to “rmk”, our project manager who won this week’s $10 Starbucks card by submitting the following comment:

rmk Says:

While I was talking to my girlfriend, my husband was in the other room but I knew he could hear my side of the conversation. So I made sure to tell her how nice it was that my husband had just fixed me a little appetizer because dinner was going to be a little later that night. I could tell that he was pleased that I had told her that.

To “rmk”: Please contact us at, so we can send your Starbucks card right away. Maybe you can set up a coffee date with your guy and even have it count toward a Week 3 project.

To all Project Managers: Remember to submit your comments. Other project managers enjoy reading comments to get ideas and see how other hubbies are responding. Your comment can be short and sweet, or you can provide as many details as you like. With each entry your name is entered into our weekly drawing for a chance to win a $10 Starbucks card.

Stay focused and have fun!


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