Roger and KathiOK – Sometimes I am not a very good wife.

I get cranky and selfish and stomp my foot and don’t want to do the Stupid Husband Project.

And, sometime, world famous wonderful Roger, well – he is still pretty wonderful, but there are days when we both look at the group of step-kids we have running around this house and think, “Really? This was a good idea?”

The reality is that marriage with all of it’s blessings, is really, really hard. And sometimes I don’t like hard.

If you are in the spot where you are really not liking the project, I understand. I wrote the project and sometimes, I don’t like it.

I would love to hear what the biggest challenges have been for you. I know it give me hope when other wives are not having that loving feeling. And to know, that someday, it will get easier again.

Tell me what the most challenging project has been for you. I know I would feel better.

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