proj 13 imageYour life is so busy. It’s hard to find a moment for yourself each day. There are days when I could go for hours, so involved in my own projects that I can totally forget to think about, or pray for, my husband.

What can you put in place to remind you to think about your husband throughout the day? Be creative. Maybe it’s a picture of him on your dashboard, or spraying his cologne on a scarf and keeping it in your purse.

Whatever it is that reminds you of him, keep it around so you can call him later that day and say, “You have been on my mind all day.” Trust me, it will make his day.

Prayer for Today
Dear God, help me with any attitude of entitlement I have about our workload being equal. Help me to have an attitude of service instead of bitterness in every situation.

Getting Creative
Set an alarm on your cell phone for every couple of hours today. Let this be a reminder to stop and pray for your husband throughout the day.

Do you have a picture of your husband on your cell phone? Make sure you do so that when he calls, his cute face will show up. (Ask a techie teenager to show you how to program this on your cell.)

Your Project:
Set up reminders during your day to think and pray for your husband. Let him know sometime during the day that he has been on your mind.

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