dinner reservationsMy husband loves to go out to dinner. He promises me it has nothing to do with my cooking; he just likes the whole experience of dining on the town. Recently, I went to his favorite Mexican restaurant and got a gift card with just enough on it to cover dinner for two. When he drove into the garage that evening, I ambushed him and let him know that dinner was on me tonight.

With the car still running I jumped in and we headed to our slightly impromptu date night. That has probably been the most successful project for me so far – he still talks about how great it was to come home and see that it was all planned out.

Prayer for Today
Dear God, it’s my deepest desire that my husband knows he is loved and cherished. Let my words, planning and actions reflect that everyday.

Getting Creative

  • If you don’t know whether your husband will be in the kind of mood that an ambush dinner requires, present him with the gift card to be used tonight, or another night of his choice.
  • Steaks on the BBQ when he gets home may be just the thing your man would love.
  • The aroma of cooking can be as much a part of this project as the food itself. Having lasagna baking in the oven with garlic bread ready to go would be most husbands’ dreams come true.

Your Project:
Make it his favorite meal – whether it’s eating out or eating in.

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