proj 8 imageIt’s food again, but this time it’s all about setting.

Maybe it’s doing a tailgater at a football game, or going to his favorite coffee shop and reading the paper with him on a Saturday morning. Donuts in bed? Whatever would be fun for him is the plan for the day.

We have a fire pit on our back patio. While our kids like to do s’mores over an open flame, we are more about cheese and fruit next to the fire.

Prayer for Today
Dear God, teach me to create places of celebration – no matter how small – in my home and for my husband.

Getting Creative
No need to get super fancy here. If he simply enjoys popcorn in front of the TV, that’s OK. Remember, just for this one little project, it’s all about him. Some other ideas?

If he enjoys being outside, how about dinner in the back yard? I have a friend who doesn’t have patio furniture, so she actually drags her wooden breakfast table and chairs outside. It’s not about resources, it’s about creativity.

One thing our family has done on several occasions, especially when the kids were little, was to have a carpet picnic. Spread out some quilts, watch a movie and enjoy the great indoors. (This would be a great night not to serve soup.)

For a more grownup encounter, how about a shower or bath with chocolates…

Your Project:
Make it food and make the location fun. Really, that’s all it is.

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