By Paula Friedrichsen

We women can easily become obsessed with our children’s activities, appetites, desires, and friends.

Sometimes a woman will rearrange her dinner menu because little Johnny has decided he doesn’t like chicken—but will resist making her husband’s favorite meatloaf because “it’s just too much trouble.” She may be willing to rearrange her entire weekend schedule so Johnny can attend Nathan’s birthday party—but resist rearranging her schedule to accommodate her husband’s fishing trip with his buddies.

Children are a blessing from God to you and your husband. He gave them to you so that you could raise them in a godly home, love and nurture them, give them wings, and watch them fly! It will be you and your husband who will share all the memories of their growing up years. It will be you and your spouse who will pray for them each night as they make their way in the world.

The point being, after the kids fly the coop, who’s left? You and your husband, that’s who. The man you married all those years ago. He’ll be the one standing by your side as the last little chick drives off to college, walks down the aisle, or travels to a foreign country on a mission trip.

Paula Friedrichsen

Guest blogger Paula Friedrichsen is a conference speaker and the author of “The Man You Always Wanted is The One You Already Have” (Multnomah 2007). She lives in Northern California with her husband and teenaged daughter.

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