Congratulations to Sheesh, our project manager who won this week’s prize, Under the Tuscan Sun DVD, by submitting the following comment regarding Project 11: Eliminate Something that Makes Him Crazy.

Sheesh says:

As in most households, the laundry never ends around here. On average, I think I do about 10 loads per week. With a baby on the way, it can only mean even more loads of laundry. I am very good at getting it done and folding it. However, moving the folded laundry out of the basket and into the drawers is my least favorite chore. My husband complains that he can never find his clean clothes, especially socks, as they are residing somewhere in the bottomless hole of the laundry basket, secretly hiding between the children’s t-shirts and my jeans. My husband stayed out late tonight, going to our daughter’s preschool meeting. I made sure all the clothes are clean AND put away, so he won’t have to face the laundry abyss in the morning.

To Sheesh: Be sure to contact us ( so we can send out your DVD right away.

Bath & Body Works Gift CardTo all Project Managers: Remember to submit your comments. Other project managers enjoy reading comments to get ideas and see how other hubbies are responding. Your comment can be short and sweet, or you can provide as many details as you like. With each entry your name is entered into our weekly drawing: this week you have a chance to win a $10 gift card to Bath and Body Works. You’ll be able to spend a little time loving yourself on purpose with a fragrant lotion, shower gel or even some fun lip gloss — for some really kissable lips! (And in the end, your guy will benefit, too, from whatever you choose.)

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