Congratulations to LE, our project manager who won this week’s $10 Bath & Body Works card by submitting the following comment regarding Project 12 What Not to Wear. (Click here to read more Project 12 comments.)

LE Says:

I was just telling my man the other day, I have noticed an improvement in an area that needed work. He smiled at me, I think he was glad I noticed.

To LE: Please contact us at, so we can send your Bath & Body Works card right away.

To all Project Managers: Remember to submit your comments. Other project managers enjoy reading comments to get ideas and see how other hubbies are responding. Your comment can be short and sweet, or you can provide as many details as you like. With each entry your name is entered into our weekly drawing.

New Prize for This Week:

Only UniBe sure to enter a comment and have a chance to win one of my favorite books: “Only Uni” by Camy Tang. “The sassy narrative is solid chick lit, with all the requisite chatter about yummy food, body type, finding a guy and loser dates…” (Publisher’s Weekly). Click here to leave a comment and get entered today.

Keep up the blessings for your guy!


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