We start off the week by getting rid of one piece of “comfortable” clothing. You know the one – it could be the pair of sweats, some comfy slippers, or a college sweatshirt. Your husband may not even notice that you have done away with it. The point is you are taking another step towards thinking about him when getting dressed, instead of going to those sad, sad, jammie bottoms once again.

Prayer for Today Dear God, make me focus on actions that change my attitude, instead of trying to change my husband.

Getting Creative Just get rid of it. That’s all. You know what “it” is. For me, it was my pair of brown, cropped sweatpants that I thought were perfectly acceptable…but my husband would ask, “Do you want time to change before we leave?” even if we were just going to pick up a carton of milk. I got the hint.

  • What do your slippers look like? If they’re the pair you had in college, time to walk them out the door.
  • For one of my friends, it was a hair scrunchie that was seeing a little too much time outside of the house. (There was a bonus here because a number of her friends were about to have a scrunchie intervention. This project kept her out of a scrunchie 12-Step Program.)

Your Project: Get rid of one item of clothing you know your husband is not in love with. If it’s a favorite that you’ll have a hard time parting with, go ahead and purchase a replacement you know your guy will like.

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