cat calls One of the things our men are looking for is affirmation. If he knows that we find him desirable and attractive, it goes a long way in giving him confidence in other areas of his life.

What drew you to him in the first place? I know he had a great sense of humor, and was kind, but let’s go shallower than that. What physical attribute did you first notice about him? Was it his piercing green eyes, his crooked little smile, his cute butt? Remind him that he still “does it” for you.

Prayer for Today Dear God, may my husband know that I am attracted to him and choose him above all other guys.

Getting Creative Looking for inspiration? Check out the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament. Talk about knowing how to show your adoration – woo hoo.

  • A little out of practice when it comes to flirting? Imagine what you would love to hear from your husband and turn it around on him.
  • Walk in on him when he is on the shower, just stand there and when he asks what are you looking at, just sigh and say, “Just enjoying the show.”
  • No fair using your womanly wiles on him when he is performing a household task. The words “Wow, you look so hot when you are scrubbing the toilet,” are not allowed.

Your Project: In some small way today, let your husband know you’re still attracted to him physically.

To see how others are “complimenting’ their guys, or to leave a comment click here.

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