Man playing hookyI keep a pretty frenetic pace in life. That along with the fact that we have four kids, has meant, sadly, sleeping in for my husband has become nothing but a distant memory.

Make an opportunity today to let your husband have the morning he would like. If he wants to sleep in, do what’s needed to make that happen. If his idea of a great morning is getting up and going for a run, or going to look at classic cars, make that happen – whether you go together or he wants to go by himself to linger, no worries. Any answer here is valid – just as long as it’s something that blesses him.

Obviously this is best done on his day off, so swap days accordingly.

Prayer for Today
Dear God, I pray that my husband finds places of rest in his day. Let me contribute to that today.

Getting Creative

  • Let him in on your plans for his day off. You can ask him earlier in the week what he would like to do on his day off. Find out if you really need a babysitter, or would he like to hike with you and the kids in a nearby park?
  • Start planning early in the week. The sooner you start planning, the less stress there will be to arrange for any last minute details. Remember, the point is not to stress you out; it’s to bless your guy.

Your Project:
Whatever it takes to let him have some time off, make it happen. That simple.

To read about others’ days off, or to leave a comment click here.

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