Hi Project Managers…

Yep this is what I have looked like for the past 24 hours…

The Husband Project is at the editors (where they are undoubtedly marking it up with gallons of red ink right now.)

It actually has been there for over a month, but as soon as that was off, I started working at a fever pace on the next book, The Marriage Project. We are doing TMP as a church starting this Sunday. So the bare bones (like all of you have had on this site) had to be finished and into the church THIS WEEK in order for everyone to have the booklets by this Sunday.

 I can’t thank everyone here on this blog for everything they have given to The Husband Project. So many of you have shared so openly. You have to know that you have helped several women, (and marriages…)

 Prayer Please

I would love to have your prayers for this weekend. I am preachin’ at my home church this weekend: and we will be kicking off the whole TMP booklet for everyone to do. Please pray that I will have the right words to say and that all the women of our church (moms or not) will be encouraged.

 Love you women, you rock.


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