Hey Project Managers –

Just wanted to give you a heads up that thanks to all your love and support – we have a real live book:

The Husband Project

Isn’t it pretty? You know when you were in high school and you got your first formal dress and you just stood in front of your mirror and for a few minutes you didn’t feel like the fat girl or the girl with Don King-style hair but actually felt kind of pretty and like you might have a chance making it in this life?

Or was that just me?

Anyway. That’s how I feel when I look at this cover – like there is a real author out there somewhere who wrote a book and I stole her cover.

And I’m not giving it back.

I cannot thank each of you that contributed to the book – whether it was by posting or praying. I hope you enjoy YOUR book when it comes out on January 1.

And yes – we will party. More details to come…

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