Pastor John at our church sent Roger (my hubby and the Programming Director at our church) an e-mail saying we needed to re-think our worship style and here is something to look at:


BTW, if you have never explored the vast array of adult diapers available at your local Target, now may be the time to walk the aisles and invest…



I have no words.

Oh wait, yes I do.

If you stopped watching before you got to the line about how Jesus is like the Mounties, stop here and go back.

Don’t listen to this more than once, because if you do, your husband will threaten to divorce you, the author of The Husband Project, if you break into “Jesus is a Friend of Mine” one more time on the six hour drive from San Jose to Southern California.

Don’t miss the back up singers. They make me so happy.

I can just hear the lead singer asking, “Mom and dad, I need a couple of backup singers for this great gig I have coming up.”

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