Today I spent a very long, but good day listening to Nancy Beach and Nancy Ortberg discussing the topic of women in leadership in the church. (And I know that many of you were there as well, as we had deep, deep discussions re: Steam Punk.


I loved the day – not just because the two Nancys are so right on, but I got to spend some quality time with Jane Liddle (the Worship leader for one of Menlo Park Prez’s campus churches, and the leader of Tapestry – the rockin’ chick band) and Debbie McDonald, a cool chick pastor from Westgate church in San Jose.


Oh, women in leadership… I so wish that you all could have been there not only to listen to these two ladies who have been-there-done-that in the church, but to be in a room with maybe 300 women who love God and love to lead.

For those of you who were not able to be there – here is a list of the eight best things I heard at the conference.


  1. Help! I am a leader trapped in a woman’s body.
  2. Nobody ever calls little boys bossy.
  3. We need to learn to wait well.
  4. John Ortberg Re: Women serving in the church: “It is not an option for 50% of God’s kingdom to be sitting on the sidelines.”
  5. Leaders need to be the most self-aware people in the room.
  6. We want to keep making mistakes, just different ones.
  7. Almost every issue is a team issue.
  8. You don’t get the right answers unless you ask the right questions.

If you were there, I would love for you to share any bit of wisdom that I missed.

If you weren’t there, what is the best thing you have heard about women in leadership in the church.

Later on today I will have the give away for today.


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