I am so excited, after coming back from Willow Creek’s Leadership conference to be offering Super Author Pam Farrel’s Book Woman of Confidence as today’s give away!

Pam is not only giving away her fab new book, she also has a trip give away on her website (see below!)

I will be giving away this book to someone who leaves a comment on today’s blog (the winner will be picked next Thursday.) Now, here is a little bit more about the book:


Woman of Confidence: Step into God’s Adventure for Your Life. Here is a little about the book:

  • Discover typical confidence killers and how to over come them
  • Move your life from ho-mum to highly meaningful
  • Walk your adventure through step by step from idea to reality
  • Create a positive adventure team to accomplish goals
  • Conquer fears and frustrations to move to confident living as a natural lifestyle
  • Expand your view of God and the potential of an exciting, filling life that is God empowered
  • Build into your relationships with family and friends in a healthy way
  • Overcome obstacles to confident living and find practical tools for dealing with a world where fear, uncertainty and unpredictable events are common place
  • Create inner strength, determination, perseverance and tenacity needed to positively handle life in today’s fast paced, ever changing, and negative world   
  • Use the unique STEP plan to discover and step into God’s personal adventure for your life:

 Speak the Adventure
           How can you use God’s truth to move your life forward?
 Team Up for the Adventure
           Who are the key people you need in life as a successnet?
 Energize the Adventure
           What are the vital keys to actually live the adventure?
 Push the Adventure
           What do you do if you hit an obstacle or life is hard?

Everyone who orders Woman of Confidence will be entered in a drawing for a San Diego Adventure vacation to be given away at a book release party May 11 in San Diego. To order book, or to register for the May 11 event at the Handlery Hotel visit www/farrelcommunications.com/may11.

Confidence Tip: For Women of Confidence, I interviewed a host of very successful people and one common trait that they all had was the habit of standing on God’s Word. I have a few habits that help me find then stand on the truth. I listen to an audio version of the Bible on my iPod (often on the plane or as I go to sleep); I print favorite verses and they surround my mirror where I put on my make up each day; I review the traits of God before I get out of bed in the morning; when I exercise, I pray through God’s names A to Z to remind myself who my Helper is. I prayer walk and use verses with my name and those I love placed right in the verse to personalize Scripture. I play encouraging music (Scripture set to music) in my office and car. If you are feeling fearful, turn up the truth in your life and layer it into every hour of your day. Post it , pray it, proclaim it out loudly over your world.  Click here for a sample of “Winning Words” of confidence to pray over your life or those you love.     

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