Several weeks ago, when I was speaking in Southern California, I got the chance to spend the afternoon with bestselling author Cindi McMenamin.

I had read several of Cindi’s books before, but I had a built in prejudice about her. You see, Cindi and I had been in the running for speaking at the same retreat. And the retreat committee chose Cindi. OH did I mention that it was at my own church? Bitter – party of one.

Sadly, I had to get over my lingering resentment as Cindi is a very, very cool chick. (Drat.)

She not only is a talented writer, but she wrote of an subject that is close to my heart: Are you expecting others – especially the men in your life, to meet the needs that only God should be meeting? Here is a description of the book:

Are You Ready to Experience True Love?

Do you long to have your emotional needs met, yet find that your husband or those close to you cannot always bring fulfillment to your life? Through the pages of this book, Cindi helps you take your emotional expectations off of the people in your life and leave them with the Lord resulting in a new you and more harmonious relationships. Through this book, let Cindi enable you to:

  • experience unconditional love knowing God is your constant companion
  • enjoy the closeness of expectation-free friendships
  • move your marriage from surviving to thriving

Cindi continues to be cool since she is letting me giveaway a copy of her book. Leave a comment on and you will be entered to win.

To see more about Cindi’s ministry, books, speaking, check out her website at: Strength for the Soul

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