Day One

Would it be weird if I wrote an ode to drive thru diet cokes?

Thank you to each of my wonderful, brilliant posters on the blog. (Some of you should definitely be writing more than grocery lists…) I am going to be going over all of your posts and trying out many of the ideas and recipes that you posted.

The first day was… challenging. There were several times that I almost drove-thru somewhere. Mainly, not from weakness, but just from habit.

The good news? I cooked a great meal in the crockpot for dinner – and EVERYONE in our house ate it. It was cheap, yummy and easy. The Holy Grail of meal planning.

I had a yummy veggie salad for lunch, but for dinner, my people want meat. (Funny aside. I apologized to my daughter because the dinner I made was meat-based and she is not a meat eater. Her response? “Mom, it’s fine. I just don’t like steak – beef is totally fine.” He he.)

Here it is – just in case you are interested:

Crockpot Tomato Pot Roast

1 Onion, quartered

3 Carrots, sliced

4 Potatoes, quartered

3-4 lb Roast

1 Beef Bullion Cube

1 t. garlic salt

½ C Ketchup

3 T Worcestershire Sauce

1 Cup Warm Water

1 16 oz Can Diced Tomatoes


  • Line the bottom of the crockpot with the onion slices, potatoes and carrots. Place roast on top of veggies.
  • Dissolve bouillon cube, garlic salt, Worcestershire sauce, and ketchup in the cup of water, pour over roast.
  • Put diced tomatoes over roast.
  • Cook in crockpot on low for 6 hours.



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