This past Saturday was the For Women Only Conference hosted by Girlfriends in Ministry and featuring Shaunti Feldhahn. If you have never heard Shaunti speak, or have never read her book, For Women Only, type really fast (or just click on this handy link: and check out her website. I wish every one of the women I know could have been there – it was like taking a Master’s class in men.

Some of the best things I heard from Shaunti:

  • “Many men feel like they are in a boxing ring with the lights shining down on them and everyone watching to see if they will mess up.”
  • “Men have mental rolodexes of sexual images. One of the best things you as a wife can do is to fill up the rolodex yourself.”
  • “The most powerful thing a woman can say to a man is “I’m proud of you.””


    There were tons more, but you just have to read the book – it is super short, super easy and super eye opening.



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