OK – How Cute is this?

This is the first draft of the cover of my next book, The Marriage Project. This is rough, but you get the general idea.

The only suggestion I had for the marketing department at Harvest House was that instead of them awkwardly hugging each other, they should each have something hidden behind their backs to give to each other. He should have flowers, and she should have… hmmm.

What do you think she should have? Here are some suggestions from my family:

  • A T-bone steak
  • DVD boxes with the title “Things Exploding”
  • Tickets to a sporting event


    Suggestions that were made and then quickly dismissed:


    • A baseball bat

I am looking for suggestions for what the woman can be hiding behind her back. If Harvest House uses your suggestion, you will get a pre-release copy of The Marriage Project. If more than one person comes up with the chosen design, we will draw between the names that suggested it.

Leave your ideas in the comment section. Then you can add Cover Art Designer to your Facebook profile.

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